Spirit Born in the Brewhouse

Craft distilled at Driftwood Brewing Company.

Driftwood’s Spirits are inspired by the ingredients and methods we have developed as brewers. We use exotic strains of yeast, B.C. malt, and ferment them like beer to make the wash for our stills.

We wanted to make distinct West Coast spirits. Our Beers are known for being intensely flavorful and we wanted Driftwood Spirits to follow that ethos.

Our Approach

Kicking off our spirits program, we developed two distinct west coast gins. While traditional gin is driven by juniper and coriander, we wanted to create gins that featured botanicals that would traditionally play a supporting role, giving them a chance to take centre stage. In Contact Gin we wanted the citrus components to play the lead, and with Parabola Gin we wanted floral botanicals to headline.

Our Methods

As we developed our gin recipes, we ran trials on every botanical individually and experimented with different distillation techniques. Our final recipes use multiple distillation techniques so that each botanical is expressed in the best possible way.


While most gins are bottled between 40-43% we bottle ours at 45%. This is a result of the sheer amount of botanicals we are using in our spirit, we have quite literally saturated the gin with so much flavour that lowering the ABV would cause the gin to ‘louche’ and appear cloudy.

The higher alcohol content also lends itself to be enjoyed neat or with soda, and the bold flavours serve as a great starting point for many classic, and modern cocktails.